The Great Gatsby Digital Escape Room – Roaring Twenties Introduction

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Need an unforgettable Roaring Twenties introduction for your Great Gatsby unit? Whether you’re reading The Great Gatsby or discussing the era in Social Studies, this game has you covered!

Students learn about context, famous figures, and the debate around Prohibition.

✅ Critical thinking & Collaboration
✅ ~75 minutes for 9th graders
✅ Full digital interface and answer validation

With beautiful artwork and photography, this is an immersive Roaring Twenties introduction.

Looking for the paper version? Find it here. 

What teachers like you are saying about this roaring twenties introduction digital escape:

Jessica A.
Jessica A.
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“This escape room was great because it was simple yet engaging. It gave my students an excellent introduction to the background of The Great Gatsby. I highly recommend this resource.”
Jesenia K.
Jesenia K.
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“SO BRILLIANT! When it comes to learning about history in English class to set up a The Great Gatsby, look no further than this resource and Harlem Renaissance Escape Room. I used both Escape rooms to set the foundation of the novel, and these tools do an AMAZING job. They're fun and easy glimpses into the life of the Roaring Twenties. I especially appreciate that these resources don't just focus on the glitz and glam of the 1920s but also focus on the hardships and realities.”
Bailey W.
Bailey W.
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“This activity was AWESOME! My kids have never been so engaged with an activity, especially one that took two days. This was streamlined and easy to follow.”


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