Supportive Reading Intervention Escape Room – The Abandoned Skatepark – Burnbridge #1

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Engage your 8th and 9th-grade students who are reading below age level with this reading intervention middle school escape room! Try this first chapter as a demo for the entire 10-game series. This series is targeted towards 8th & 9th-grade students who read at a 4th & 5th-grade level.

Students practice…
⭐ Making inferences
⭐ Sequencing
⭐ Prioritizing information
⭐ Engage in critical thinking & collaboration

This chapter follows Andie, a teen from the town of Burnbridge, who follows clues to find her missing best friend. Students solve the light-hearted mystery by solving puzzles and riddles. This level is intentionally easy and upbeat. The main plot of the game starts in chapter 2.

About this middle-grade reading intervention escape room:

⭐ Nonfiction & creative readings, vocab, & research activities at target grade-level
⭐ Perfect for students reading at a 4th-5th grade reading level
⭐ Aligned with Common Core Standards
⭐ No-prep for you
⭐ Approximately 45-60 minutes of engaged learning for them
⭐ Add accompanying assignments to last several days
⭐ Can be completed independently or with a partner
⭐ Acts as a ‘bridge’ to on-level assignments

A Closer Look

Here’s a walkthrough for game #1 that will show you exactly how engaged your students will be!

What teachers like you are saying about Burnbridge reading intervention escape room:

Jessica G.
Jessica G.
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“I used this for my Tier III reading intervention. It was just challenging enough for them without being “too hard”. The program is easy to use. Thank you!”
Marcie S.
Marcie S.
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“My students BEG to do these [reading intervention] breakouts! Using them in my class with struggling readers was a game changer. The inferencing and critical thinking skills used in these games translated to their reading. The productive struggle while solving the puzzles provided opportunities to talk about perseverance and strategies to use when something is hard.”
Monica R.
Monica R.
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“My kids loved this and I like how it MADE them look around and think instead of just rushing through questions."


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