Poetry Review – Unforgettable Escape Room (paper + digital)

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Ready for a poetry review your students won’t forget? These escape rooms will help your students review the elements of poetry in any learning environment. Each version has a Figurative Language Sort, Poetic Devices Puzzle, Close Reading activity, and a Secret Poem.

✅ 45-60 minutes
✅ Paper or digital
✅ Grades 7-10

If you’ve never done an escape room, never fear! The Teacher’s Guide has been written with total beginners in mind. You get step-by-step instructions and a full answer key.

⭐️ Task 1: Figurative Language Sort – players sort snippets of poetry to identify the type of figurative language used (metaphor, hyperbole, personification, simile)

⭐️ Task 2: Poetic Devices Puzzle – players identify poetic devices in longer excerpts of poetry

⭐️ Task 3: Close Reading – players complete a close reading passage and answer multiple-choice questions. Three versions for differentiation

⭐️ Task 4: Secret Poem – players use clues they’ve found along the way to decode a secret poem!


What teachers like you are saying about the poetry review escape room:

Sarah A.
Sarah A.
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“My students loved using this resource as an end of unit review of figurative language and poetry. It was both challenging and engaging."
Stormy C.
Stormy C.
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“This resource is phenomenal! I used it as a culminating activity for my poetry unit. It was very challenging for my 7th graders, but they loved it. I highly recommend this resource!”
Austen F.
Austen F.
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“This resource provided a fun and challenging activity to help students review figurative language. The students were highly engaged, and it required problem solving skills to figure out the puzzles.”


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