Photo Analysis Unit – Media Literacy and Integrated Art

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Extend your students’ analysis skills with this Photo Analysis unit. Students develop a vocabulary for analyzing photography and art (Elements of Art and Principles of Design), strengthen understanding through nonfiction readings and practice activities, and complete individual analyses. Includes a Photo Analysis project where students try their hand at photography and an Interview project. Also includes two optional quizzes. Editable in PowerPoint. (grades 7-10 ELA, Pre-AP, Yearbook, and Journalism)

Products in this Bundle:
Introduction to Principles of Design and Elements of Art – Media Literacy Lesson
Writing a Photo Analysis – Media Literacy Lesson
Psychology of Color (Informational Text) – Media Literacy Lesson
Developing Analysis with Audience, Purpose, Context – Photographer Biography
Psychology of Perspective (Informational Text) – Media Literacy Lesson
Photographer Interview Project – Media Literacy & Analysis
Photo Analysis Project – Media Literacy & Analysis

What You Get:
1. Student Workbook (change any photo you want! Editable in PPT)
-Elements of Art & Principles of Design
-Writing an Analysis of a Photograph
-Psychology of Color (nonfiction article) & practice
-Photographer Biography: Gordon Parks & scaffolded analysis
-Psychology of Perspective (nonfiction article) & practice
-Two independent analyses and guided peer conferencing

2. Teacher’s Guide
-Answer keys
-Student exemplars
-Optional Quizzes: Elements of Art & Principles of Design
-Photograph Analysis project & rubric (students become the photographer and then analyze each other’s work)
-Interview a Photographer project & rubric

3. Editable projects & rubrics

4. Low-ink options, with slideshows of photos to project
-These are found in the individual lesson files, NOT the printable workbook option.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This resource includes everything I need to teach a basic photo analysis unit: suggested lesson plans, quizzes, answer documents, photos, reference sheets, rubrics, and informational texts. The best part is that this can be taught alone or as a complement to a larger unit! I can’t wait to use this unit in my classroom!”
-Krisanna M., 10th-11th grade ELA

“Great activity for any time of year but I plan to use it to help introduce peer conferencing, sharing their work and discussing it without good/bad judgment to help foster the idea that in our classroom learning is collaborative and a safe environment to grow and try new things.  It also introduces the skills I want them to start using as they read to learn about what writers do and then look for that in the text, so I like that it is short and helps build the skills and stamina that we can later bring to their reading.  I plan to use it to introduce our classroom community and procedures we use all semester.  Great pictures, articles, and directions! I love that it is editable but also ready to use with everything you need.”
-Jeni L. 9-12th grade ELA

“As consumers of an increasing amount of digital images as texts, students will need to be able to think critically about different types of visual texts.  This unit breaks the analysis process into manageable steps to help students understand the artist’s message and purpose.  The lessons introduce vocabulary and mini-lessons to assist students with the analysis of different aspects of photographs.  I particularly like the mini-lesson on the psychology of color.  This lesson will stimulate interesting discussions.  I have no doubt that students will see the application easily because of filters they already use on photos they publish to their social media accounts!”
-Christine B., AP Seminar, 11th and 9th grade Honors ELA

About Your Resource:
Your resource contains a mix of editable documents (editable in .PPT or a clone) and print-and-go PDFs. You can choose any photos you want for students to analyze – use mine, or choose your own! You can edit the project instructions and rubrics. The Teacher’s Guide is a print-and-go PDF. Please email me if you have any questions! 🙂

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