Collaborative Bell Ringers – ELA Trivia and Puzzles for Quality Classroom Community (Bundle)

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These fun and challenging collaborative bell ringers (or exit tickets) are a mix of ELA trivia, riddles, puzzles, and quizzes about books, movies, and music.

Your students will work in teams to collaborate, earn points, and eventually try to win the class competition. These collaborative bell ringers are a great way to build classroom community!

Students will tackle:
✅ Riddles & word games
✅ Classic lit with a twist
✅ YA fiction & pop culture

You get 80 different ELA trivia bell ringers to strengthen classroom community!

Try a free week of collaborative bell ringers!

Example puzzle topics:
✨ Twisted summaries
✨ Book covers without titles
✨ Short stories by initials
✨ Before & after TV shows
✨ Finish that limerick
✨ First lines without vowels
✨ Children’s books by cake
✨ and many more!

What teachers like you are saying about these collaborative bell ringers:

Marcie S.
Marcie S.
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“Great for quick brain breaks, bell ringers when waiting for all to join the class, and those last couple of minutes before the bell rings.”
Natasha B.
Natasha B.
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“I can’t say enough about these bell ringers! My kids love them and beg to do them on Fridays for a brain break, and it’s always so much fun to see them work together to solve each one. Thanks for an amazing product!”
Ashlee H.
Ashlee H.
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“Great way to build classroom community at the start of the year. It is also fun to use it as competition between class periods.”
Jacqueline K.
Jacqueline K.
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“What a great way to start a class! These bell ringers really keep students engaged and give me the time I need to get my start-of-class tasks done.”


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