Back to School Innovative Escape Room Bundle (paper + digital)

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Each of these escape rooms are highly customizable for your back to school experience! Both introduce students to your classroom (physical or virtual) and each other.

These games are editable for any subject area and include clear instructions on how to do so.
The four paper tasks are:
1. Getting to Know You BINGO or Questionnaire (your choice)
2. Supplies & Resources Riddles
3. Syllabus Close Read
4. Growth Mindset Quotes – Cryptoquotes or Blankouts for differentiation
The four digital tasks are:
1. Meet the Teacher video
2. Meet the EdTech scavenger hunt
3. Syllabus Close Read
4. Secret Code Minigame
You can use the room from the example game or insert the clues and tasks into an existing virtual classroom. This tutorial utilizes Google Slides and Google Forms.
**These are not a “ready to go” resources – they should be customized for your classroom. For instance, in the example digital game, the introduction video is me saying hello! 😉 **

What teachers like you are saying about the back to school escape room bundle:

The Anglophile Lass
The Anglophile Lass
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I started planning the first semester of the new school year last month with the idea of gamifying most of my syllabus. Although I've always used games in my lessons, structuring the course around them was something I'd never attempted, and it proved to be a hit during the second semester of 2022. Not only were my adult students more engaged and eagerly awaiting our lessons, I was able to maximise the use of time (40 minutes face-to-face) and make the experience more dynamic, student-centred and memorable both from the academic and the emotional point of view."
Charlotte H.
Charlotte H.
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"Excellent resource!"


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