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3 Powerful Songs for Women's History Month with headphones and a microphone

3 Powerful Songs for Women’s History Month

Want empowering songs for Women’s History Month to incorporate into your secondary ELA curriculum? We’ve got you covered, teacher pals. March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of women throughout history. Although we have a beautiful poster set and a literary activity bundle for Women’s History Month, we are talking MUSIC today. As educators, we have a unique opportunity to integrate this celebration into our classrooms. Music is a powerful tool for engagement and learning, so here are 3 exceptional songs that not only resonate with the themes of Women’s History Month but also offer rich content for literary analysis and classroom discussion.  These songs, each by influential female artists, provide a diverse range of perspectives and themes that can enrich your curriculum and inspire your students. Let’s

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3 Awesome Independent Activities You Can Grade During

Want some independent activities you can grade during? There’s no shame–we all need those days to catch up in order to keep healthy work-life boundaries. We’ve got you! You know when grades are due or a unit has ended and you’re drowning in ungraded summative assessments? Yeah, I’ve been there.  I worked for a district that was pretty against playing movies, so even if I had a cool analysis activity to go with it, it still wouldn’t fly. But, I really just needed some uninterrupted time to grade without having to do it at home. I am FIRM on work-life boundaries, so how can I combine learning, engagement, and an independent activity? Easy. Digital Escape Rooms. Below, I share my three favorite (which also happen to be Danielle’s 3 top-selling escape rooms). So, whether you’re

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11 Black History Month Resources for Secondary ELA

11 Important Black History Month Resources: Texts, Tips, & More to Amplify Black Voices Yearround

Amplify Black voices and diversify your curriculum with these Black History Month resources for Secondary ELA! Black History Month Resources for Secondary ELA Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the rich contributions of Black authors and creators in literature. For secondary ELA teachers, incorporating diverse perspectives and voices into the curriculum is essential. By exploring literature that reflects the experiences of Black individuals, students can gain a deeper understanding of history, society, and themselves.  Below, we provide a curated list of Black History Month resources specifically designed for secondary ELA teachers during, well, all-year long! Yes, Black History Month is February, but Black history should be celebrated yearlong.  From escape rooms to song pairings, this list offers a wide range of texts and tips for you and your students. By incorporating

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