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Jek/Hyde by Amy Ross

14 Jek Hyde Amy Ross cover

In Jek/Hyde by Amy Ross, a gothic classic finds a new home in a shiny research town. Join us as we talk about loyalty, the #metoo movement, and the darkness inside. (transcript)


14 Jek Hyde Amy Ross cover


In today’s episode…


Amy Ross’s novel Jek/Hyde offers a new vision of the gothic novella, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the midwestern town of London, science and research loom large. Lulu and Jek have been best friends forever but he’s recently become distant, closing himself off in his lab. He’s made a new friend, a bad boy, Hyde who seems to push their usual parties out of control, Lulu’s hearing strange rumors about Hyde, and she begins to worry for Jek’s safety … and her own feelings.


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Episode highlights…



*4:00 Jek’s experiments with his classmates

*7:12 Hyde’s ability to unlock secret desires


Things We Like A Latte

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Amanda: The Book Of Chameleons by Jose Eduardo Agualusa, a stop on Danielle and Amanda’s “Read the World” tour.



*13:49 Amanda compares Jek to a stereotypical “nice guy” and explores how this book fits into the #metoo movement

*16:40 Lulu explores “her own Hyde”

*18:22 Trying to suspend one’s disbelief when reading a retelling

*19:18 What is the value of a retelling?


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