Nonfiction Bundle – Engaging Readings for 8th & 9th grade


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This bundle of nonfiction passages and activities is perfect for reluctant readers in 8th and 9th grade! These readings were originally created as part of Burnbridge Breakouts, a series of reading intervention escape games, but can be used as stand-alone activities in any order. This resource includes a wide variety of activities for close reading, vocabulary, creative writing, research, discussion, and test prep. (grades 8-9)

The Passages:

“Abandoned Places” – vocabulary, creative writing from nonfiction

“Double Trouble: The Fascination with Twins” – multiple-choice questions

“Off-Track: Train Heists and Outlaws” – creative writing from nonfiction

“Demystifying Fear” – vocabulary

“Lizard Make-up Tutorial” – procedural writing

“Dying Around the World” – multiple-choice questions, critical thinking prompts

“Codes and Codebreakers” – creative writing from nonfiction, procedural text

“The Rise of Skateboarding” – includes QR codes for further research & discussion

“Dr. Daniel Hale Williams” – biography

“Careers in Video Games” – Close reading of profiles, assessing skills

What You Get:

1. Nonfiction readings on a range of topics – each is approx. 750-1000 words, written for 8th & 9th graders

2. Accompanying activities: vocabulary in context, creative writing, multiple-choice questions for test prep, discussion and research prompts, and more. The activities vary for each reading.

3. Scaffolded brainstorming and ideas for differentiation

4. TAG feedback forms

5. Teacher’s Guides

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