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This private coaching opportunity will help you implement the Flagship Method to grow your TpT store to fit your lifestyle and goals. In this TpT store audit, I will look at your TpT store and your favorite social media platform to help you brainstorm potential connections for resources, new product lines, and target for your marketing efforts. You’ll walk away with three ideas for growth at three different levels of energy input, so you can apply what works for you.


This is an outside eye on your business and your strengths as a creator. It is an asset-based TpT store audit focused on high-level ideas. I’m so excited to work with you!


***This service will be available again on September 1, 2022. You can email me to get notified as soon as this service opens again.***


You Do:
Upon purchase, you’ll receive a reflective questionnaire to help me understand your goals, successes, and struggles. Your answers can be as vague or as detailed as you want.


I Do:
By the promised date, I will conduct the audit and write up my findings in a shared Google doc. I’ll also create a screencast and talk through my main ideas.


We Do:
Afterwards, you can follow up with any questions you have. We can further workshop a specific idea in the collaborative doc together. This is our chance to make sure you walk away with an action plan that works for YOU! This can be via email, video chat, or in the Google doc.



If you’d like to know nitty-gritty stuff like how to improve your product covers and previews, try this resource, Design Like a TpT Seller (for New Sellers), instead.


1 review for For TpT Sellers – Private Flagship Coaching

  1. Donna Spisso (verified owner)

    I have been on TPT since 2009 in a very small way. When I read about Danielle’s coaching opportunity, I took it and am very glad I did. As an “old timer” retired English teacher, I viewed TPT as a way to pass on some of my best teaching strategies. However, I knew I was not reaching as many people as I could. I just didn’t know where to start to modernise my products without investing a lot of time and money (in the form of artwork, for example). Danielle did an honest, realistic analysis of my store and focused on three resources. She gave me specific and actionable suggestions which I have already started implementing. She shared a couple of step by step pdfs on things I could do to improve immediately, such as covers and thumbnails. The combination of written evaluation, video evaluation and Zoom in person follow up made for a very worthwhile experience. I highly recommend this coaching session. Thank you so much, Danielle!

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