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This bundle includes four resources to engage students while reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Over the course of the novel, students complete a variety of analytical and creative tasks to create a “scrapbook.” They also write two essays analyzing satire and describing a character. Lastly, this bundle includes a characterization resource that you can use for any novel.

What You Get:

Tom Sawyer Satire Essay – Students analyze instances of satire in the novel, using textual evidence to support their claims. Includes a Satire PowerPoint, essay guidelines, rubrics (analytic and holistic), and brainstorming worksheet. You also get an editable .doc version.

Tom Sawyer Descriptive Essay – Students compare/contrast a “model boy/girl” or “troublemaker” from Twain’s time (as per Tom’s description in the novel) to ours. Includes guidelines, rubrics (holistic and analytic), and brainstorming worksheet. Includes an editable .doc version.

Scrapbook Project – Students create a “scrapbook” from tic-tac-toe style prompts based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. This includes a choice of nine creative and analytical tasks and two mandatory tasks.

Characterization Detective Booklet – Students find evidence of direct and indirect characterization over the course of any novel or text. (Since this makes no direct reference to Tom Sawyer, you can use it again and again!)

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