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This poetry unit is based in Interactive Notebooks for older students. Students practice writing and analyzing contemporary and classic poetry in a variety of forms. You get full lessons, foldables, quizzes, two projects, and a test. You also get templates for your Unit Calendar, Student Overview Handout, and rubrics. As a bonus, I’ve included my best-selling Poetry Bellringers.

This resource details the IN (Bellringer) – THROUGH (Teacher Input/Guided Classwork) – OUT (Exit/Independent Practice/Homework) method. This is a great way to ensure gradual release of responsibility.

What You Get:
1. Detailed templates and advice for three spread types
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you) and Unit Overview (for students)
3. Poetic Devices Terms List & Quiz – foldables & quiz
4. Poetry Speed-dating lesson & book recommendations
5. Found Poetry lesson
6. Poetry Challenges mini-project and rubric (editable)
7. Limerick & Haiku tutorials
8. Three Close-Reading activities and Teacher’s Guide
9. Quiz version for Close Reading #3
10. Poetry Bell-Ringers
11. Poetry Anthology Project
12. Poetry Unit Test
13. Holistic and analytic rubrics for ISNs
14. Set-Up PPT for ISNs

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New! This item is now part of my Interactive Notebooks for Secondary ELA Bundle! This is all of the resources that I use in my 9th grade English classroom to bring short stories, novels, poetry, and plays to life using ISNs.

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