Persuasive Techniques Commercial Analysis Project


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Students view and analyze a commercial and present its use of persuasive techniques in front of the class. They apply their understanding of techniques and appeals while practicing speaking skills.

What you get:
-Step-by-Step Project Guidelines
-Choice of analytic or holistic Rubrics
-An analysis worksheet
+/Δ Peer Feedback sheets
-An editable .doc version

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Can I use this with 11th & 12th graders?
Maybe. You can definitely use the adaptable version to extend the writing requirements for older students, but the language in the rubric and project description is more suited to middle grades and lower secondary.

I want my students to create a commercial. Do you have a project like that?
Yep! My bestseller is my Commercial Project, where students actually employ persuasive techniques to create & perform their own commercials. You can also check out all of the activities in the Persuasive Techniques PowerPoint & Project Bundle for great savings!

Can I use this for The Sporting Event that Cannot Be Named?
Absolutely! You might want to give students an approved list of commercials first, since so many have inappropriate content for a school setting. I suggest checking YouTube for a “Top Ten” list on Monday morning.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!
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