Novel Unit for Interactive Notebooks


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This bundle contains resources for helping you set up novel units in Interactive Notebooks for older students. It includes templates, explanations, and samples of several types of spreads, and tips on where to place these in your unit. You also get templates for your Unit Calendar, Student Overview Handout, and rubrics. This resource also contains complete lessons for Literary Quote Analysis, Satire, Character Analysis, and reviewing Literary Devices. You can edit the various components to meet your needs. (grades 7-10)

This resource details the IN (Bellringer) – THROUGH (Teacher Input/Guided Classwork) – OUT (Exit/Independent Practice/Homework) method. This is a great way to ensure gradual release of responsibility.

What You Get:
1. Detailed templates and advice for four spread types
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you) and Unit Overview (for students)
3. Constructed Response templates and handouts
4. Holistic and analytic rubrics
5. Set-Up PPT for ISNs
6. Five ready-to-use lessons:
–> Plot Review and Lit Terms
–> Literary Quote Analysis
–> Analyzing Satire Lesson & Essay
–> Character Analysis Lesson & Essay
–> Context Clues PPT

New! This item is now part of my Interactive Notebooks for Secondary ELA Bundle! This is all of the resources that I use in my 9th grade English classroom to bring short stories, novels, poetry, and plays to life using ISNs.

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