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These puzzle paragraphs are perfect for teaching students to make inferences. They can be used as a guided activity or as an independent resource for substitute plans, summer packets, blizzard bags, or enrichment. Making inferences has never been more fun!

This is an independent reading activity appropriate for upper elementary and middle schoolers, in and out of a traditional classroom setting. It asks students to make and support inferences using textual evidence. It has been designed to take about 45 minutes.

What you get:
1. A Scaffolded Introduction of inference and prediction
2. 2 Independent Practice pages of paragraphs and questions
3. Writing Prompts for extension
4. A rubric for easy grading
5. An Answer Key

Skills reviewed:
-Use textual evidence to support inferences (RL.7.1)
-Write narratives to develop imagined events using effective technique (W.7.3)

Some ways to use this activity:

*Substitute Plans (4-8)*
This activity is print-and-go and perfect to leave with a substitute. Students can complete the first worksheets independently or in pairs, and then work on their response poems. Time permitting, they can give peer feedback.

*Beach Bag (rising 5-8)*
Many teachers combat summer slide, or the skills students lose over a summer of not reading or writing. A beach bag is a take-home activity designed to reconnect students to their analysis skills from the school year.

*Blizzard Bag (5-8)*
Many districts are designating eLearning days as a way to keep students connected to the classroom in heavy winter weather. A blizzard bag is an independent activity that uses classroom skills. This activity is graded like a normal assignment.

*Enrichment/Gifted & Talented (4-8)*
This is a perfect challenge for younger Gifted & Talented students. It can also be used to strengthen analytical skills in older students in enrichment sessions.

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