Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl Persuasive Essay – Prosecution/Defense

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This Lamb to the Slaughter Persuasive Essay writing activity will get your students in high gear!

After reading the short story by Roald Dahl, students write closing arguments for either Mrs. Maloney’s prosecution or defense. Since we all know she’s guilty, it’s all about citing evidence to support claims.

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Students LOVE this essay because they get to take on the persona of a lawyer. They talk about “my client” or “the defendant” and really ham things up for the judge. Even with the dramatic flair, they are still practicing citing textual evidence.

❤️ I love it when students want to give their essay as a speech. This option (and I always make it optional) is a great way to add some drama in ELA and give students space to practice public speaking.

What teachers like you are saying about the Lamb to the Slaughter Persuasive Essay resource:

Andrea M.
Andrea M.
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“My students love this short story and debate constantly about the fate of the main character. I used this resource, and also turned it into a class debate topic.”
Courtney K.
Courtney K.
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“I used this in summer school for students repeating 9th grade ELA. They loved the story and it really helped them to grasp irony. Then, the essay was the perfect way for me to assess their literary analysis.”
Paige B.
Paige B.
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“This was a fun wrap-up to Lamb to the Slaughter. It was a great way to use persuasive writing without writing a dry essay.”


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