Interactive Notebooks for Secondary ELA – Yearlong Bundle

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This resource bundle will help you implement Interactive Notebooks for the entire year of English with older students. These lessons, activities, and assessments provide rigor and motivation for students, while still maintaining some cutting and gluing elements of ISNs to create a lifelong reference tool.

The Organization
I organize my year by genre/title (Short Stories – Novel – Drama – Novel – Poetry, etc.), but you can reorganize these spreads and activities in a way that makes sense for you. I also “spiral” with my students. For example, we use Literary Quote Analysis throughout the year, and refine our constructed response skills.

This resource details the IN (Bellringer) – THROUGH (Teacher Input/Guided Classwork) – OUT (Exit/Independent Practice/Homework) method. This is a great way to ensure gradual release of responsibility. Spreads are carefully organized to follow the path of your lessons and students will understand how their learning develops over the course of the notebook.

What You Get:
Short Stories Unit for ISNs
1. Full lesson plans for every spread (Plot, Characterization, Mood, etc.)
2. Step-by-step slides for every page of the notebook
3. Handouts, foldables, notes, and homework
4. PowerPoints/Presentations to teach important skills:
Literary Quote Analysis
-Symbolism & Allegory
5. Literary Devices Terms & Quiz
6. Symbolism Flipbook for “Masque of the Red Death”
7. Three leveled tests (Adapted, Standard, and Honors)

Novel Unit for ISNs
I have used these materials for Lord of the Flies, Mechanica, Night, and Literature Circles.
1. Detailed templates and advice for four spread types
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you) and Unit Overview (for students)
3. Constructed Response templates and handouts
4. Holistic and analytic rubrics
5. Set-Up PPT for ISNs
6. Character Analysis PowerPoint & Essay
7. Satire PowerPoint & Essay
8. Added 8/8/2017:Create Your Own Reading Guide (for any novel)

Poetry Unit for ISNs
1. Detailed templates and advice for three spread types
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you) and Unit Overview (for students)
3. Poetic Devices Terms List & Quiz – foldables & quiz
4. Poetry Speed-dating lesson & book recommendations
5. Found Poetry lesson
6. Poetry Challenges mini-project and rubric (editable)
7. Limerick & Haiku tutorials
8. Three Close-Reading activities and Teacher’s Guide
9. Quiz version for Close Reading #3
10. Poetry Bell-Ringers
11. Poetry Anthology Project
12. Poetry Unit Test
13. Holistic and analytic rubrics for ISNs
14. Set-Up PPT for ISNs

Drama Unit for Interactive Notebooks
1. Set-Up PPT for ISNs
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you), Unit Overview (for your students), and Rubrics for ISNs
3. Detailed explanations and templates for five spread types
4. Lesson & foldable on Dramatic Plot Structure
5. Drama Terms Foldables and Quiz
6. Four acting minilessons: Parts of the StageBlocking, Dramatic Space/Levels, and Using the Voice.
7. Character Foldable & Essay w/Rubric
8. Information and resources for directing a class play
9. Improv ideas for the ELA classroom
10. Drama Terms Bingo
11. Reader’s Theatre Activity
12. Program Template for Drama, Music, Graduations, and More

Additional Resources to round out your year:
Peer Interview Speech
Presentation Feedback Slips (peer & self review)
Shakespeare’s Language Webquest
TAG feedback form
Sub Plan: How-to Article
End of Year Survey
Added 8/8/2017:Back to School Escape Room

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If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!
-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA
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