Digital Breakout Sampler: Burnbridge #1 and Terminus #1

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Burnbridge Breakouts and TERMINUS Breakouts are two chaptered adventures. This resource will allow you to try out game #1 of each series and see which one will work best for your students. Both series have been designed to “bridge” fiction and nonfiction reading skills for 8th & 9th grade reluctant readers.
Burnbridge Breakouts is a 10-part narrative adventure series set in a small town with a seedy history. Each game features a different teen protagonist, and they all work together to solve the main mystery! This is tonally similar to Scooby Doo (so not “scary,” but occasionally suspenseful).
Terminus Breakouts is a 4-part mystery adventure. Players play as Rania, a teen who has woken up from cryosleep and is all alone. She must figure out what happened to everyone using letters, emails, newspapers, and other “found texts.” This game is tonally darker and more mature.
Your Resources Include:
1. A link and password to a web-based interactive adventure game.
2. A full Teacher’s Guide
-An introduction to the digital interface
-A step-by-step guide to solving the puzzles
-A “found text” inferencing guide (Terminus only)
-A complete Answer Key
-A “Quick Reference” page to print for game day
3. Thematic extension activities – written at a 9th grade level
-“The Rise of Skateboarding”
-QR research activity
-“What is the CDC?”
-Interview Prep activity
4. Optional (and editable!) Written Extension activities
-Analysis prompt & rubric
-Creative writing prompt & rubric
-Game reflection
**Each resource includes Common Core alignment**
About Timing:
The game alone has been designed to take students 45-60 minutes. If you have them complete any of the accompanying assignments, you could make this last several days. The game is meant to act as a ‘bridge’ to the on-level assignments.
About Your Resource:
Your resource is a .zip file. This includes a .PDF Teacher’s Guide and a .PPT with the editable extension activities. Within the Teacher’s Guide, you’ll find a link to the game website and a password. This will allow you and your students to open the game. This game is best played on computers and iPads – it has not been optimized for phones. As with any escape game, we recommend that you play through it yourself before presenting it to students.
If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me for the latest news on products and sales.
-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA


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