Abandoned Places – Creative Writing from Nonfiction


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In this creative writing activity, students draw inspiration from a nonfiction article about ten real-world abandoned places! Students choose one as a setting for a piece of Flash Fiction. Differentiate with a condensed or expanded brainstorming worksheet. Includes an optional vocabulary in context activity. Also includes a writing sample, Teacher’s Guide, answer key, and TAG feedback form. (grades 7-10)

What You Get:
1. Nonfiction reading about ten abandoned places (includes low-ink version)
2. Introduction to Flash Fiction and brainstorming worksheet (two versions for differentiation)
3. Optional Word Work (vocabulary in context) activity
4. TAG feedback forms
5. Teacher’s Guide & Answer Key

About Your Resource:
Your resource contains a PDF of all materials so that you can print-and-go. You also get a slideshow of photos for the abandoned places in case you want to display them via projector. This is a PDF to preserve fonts, but just display it in “full screen mode” and click through it like any slideshow. Please email me if you have any questions! 🙂

>>>This resource also accompanies game #3 of Burnbridge Breakouts, a series of reading intervention escape rooms!

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