4 Shakespeare Plays – Innovative Shakespeare in 30: The Four Hamlets

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These versions Shakespeare plays of Hamlet are part of my Shakespeare in 30 collection. Each play in this series has been adapted for teens to tackle in a half an hour.

You can use these Shakespeare play scripts for…
✅ Reader’s Theatre (1-2 class periods)
✅ Staged Readings (one week)
✅ Full productions (3-4 weeks+)
The Hamlet Shakespeare plays resource has been tested and performed with students in grades 6-12.

Hamlet & Himself – Abridged to focus on Hamlet’s soliloquies, revealing his inner struggles and turmoil. (9 roles)

Hamlet & his Friends – Focuses on Hamlet’s relationships with his friends, particularly as he judges their reactions to him. (11+ roles)

Hamlet & his Parents – A new way of looking at Hamlet’s parents/family – not as villains, but as suffering through an overly dramatic adolescent. (10+ roles)

Hamlet & Ophelia – Focuses on Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia, particularly as she acts on behalf of her father. (9 roles)

What teachers like you are saying about the 4 Shakespeare plays resource:

Victoria R.
Victoria R.
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"This resource provides the 'quick & dirty' of a drama, without the dragging on process of a 2-3 month unit. I also love that it provides teamwork and empathy, as my kids need to continue to realize the world doesn't revolve entirely around them!"
Elizabeth F.
Elizabeth F.
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“Really a fun way to get students excited about the work.”
Terra Beth D.
Terra Beth D.
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“Interesting adaptations that worked well to have students understand Hamlet better.”


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