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Holiday song analysis activity

Unwrap Literary Magic with a Comparative Holiday Song Analysis Activity

‘Tis the season for festive tunes and merry moments with this ELA comparative holiday song analysis activity! If you’re looking for a holiday song analysis activity that is festive yet secular, I’ve got you! In this post, I outline how students can compare two secular songs that are perfect for the “cozy cup of coco in front of a cutie book tree” winter season vibe. A Comparative Holiday Song Analysis Sesame Street’s “Holiday Song” Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles’ “Winter Song” Both songs focus on winter and the holiday season. They are not specific to one holiday or a religious practice and are chalk full of literary analysis opportunities!  Give students an opportunity to engage in a first- and second-watch of both videos. If possible, provide a digital or printed copy of the lyrics, so they

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ELA digital escape room to survive the holiday season

Survive & Thrive this Holiday Season with an Engaging ELA Digital Escape Room

Do your students have the before-break-blues? Check out an ELA digital escape room that will have students embark on the ultimate classroom adventure! Are your students…✅ Asking “day one” questions✅ Checking out quicker than usual✅ Using their phones SO MUCH MORE✅ Groaning about “actually doing stuff” (the AUDACITY)✅ Itching for a movie day (maybe you are more so than them)✅ Crawling towards the holiday break (again…maybe you are more than them) If so, your students have the “before-break-blues.”  Don’t worry, it’s totally curable. What does the trick for my students?1️⃣ Something FUN that does not feel like learning2️⃣ Something digital to keep the phone itch at bay3️⃣ Something collaborative because my kids LOVE to talk…about strictly off-topic things this time of year So, what’s the cure? 🥁 DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁 An ELA digital escape

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3 Free ELA Activities to boost creativity and collaboration picturing a small group of middle school students working together with support from their teacher

3 Fun and Free ELA Activities to Foster Creativity and Communication

Free ELA Activities for Your Secondary Classroom Looking for free ELA activities to boost students’ creativity and collaboration in a fun and free way? Look no further! Below, we share 3 engaging ELA activities that will improve your classroom community and the quality of student-to-student collaboration in your class. From word games to creative writing exercises, these activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and effective. And the best part? They won’t cost you a thing! With these activities, you can expand your students’ creativity, enhance their reading comprehension, and sharpen their writing skills. Foster Creativity & Community with these Free ELA Activities One free week of Collaborative Trivia Bell Ringers I loooove…✨ Building routines ✨ Fostering a positive classroom community ✨ Providing FUN opportunities for students to practice their collaborative skills These trivia bell

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