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Books to Read, Love, and Share: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything Madeline, who can’t leave her Clean House for fear of dying from an allergy to an unknown trigger, wants more. She wants to feel the ocean in between her toes and smell the musty old spines in a used bookstore. She reads thousands of pages to escape the confines of a white-on-white filtered-air house, but knows in her…

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Fever 1793: Teaching Historical Fiction

Teaching Historical Fiction: Ideas for Fever 1793 I love Historical Fiction, and my new favorite is Laurie Halse Anderson’s Fever 1793. I wanted to share this book with you today so that you may 1) love it and 2) teach it. This book came out in 2000, long before I lived in Philadelphia or told the story of Yellow Fever…

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